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Belleville’s New Office opens its Doors – October 17th

Wilkinson’s Belleville team opened the doors to their new location on Monday, October 17th.

The new office will provide our team with a comfortable new working space, a relaxing staff lounge and an exercise room.  Our clients are sure to appreciate the spacious new meeting rooms and the operational efficiencies the new facility will afford.

The new Belleville office is...

Timely Tax Tips

Check out the latest tax tips for more information on Ontario Retirement Pension Plan (ORPP), Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Old...

The latest tax tips

Answers to questions about employee status or deducting meals expenses incurred at the golf course are available in our latest tax tips. Check out our Publications section.

2012 Year-End Tax Planning

With the year-end quickly approaching we should all set aside some time to review our financial situations and take steps to reduce or defer our current tax burdens. Read the latest tax tip to learn more.

SR&ED: Expenditure Limits

The eligible expenditure limit can have a huge impact on your tax credits from Scientific Research and Experimental Development (“SR&ED”) programs. Learn more from our latest tax tip.

Medical Benefits

If you have been benefiting by redirecting a portion of your bonus to a health care spending account, read our recent tax tip to learn if changes by Canada Revenue Agency affect you.

Moving Expenses

You may be able to claim moving expenses on your tax return if you have moved to start a new job or moved to continue your self-employed business. Learn more from our latest tax tip.

Investment Expenses

Our recent tax tip explains how you can deduct expenses incurred to earn investment income. Visit our resource section for more helpful tax tips.

Apprenticeship Tax Credit

There are tax credits available if you currently have, or are looking to hire an apprentice. Learn more from our current tax tip.

Children’s Arts Amount Tax Credit

Parents can benefit from their child’s enrolment in artistic, academic and cultural programs. Our recent tax tip explains more.