Let Wilkinson help you reap the full benefits of your farm

Farming is not just about growing food – it’s about passion. Farmers are passionate about their land and passionate about what they produce. At Wilkinson we have a special interest in helping farmers succeed – we are not just a firm of accountants, many of us come from farming backgrounds and have strong roots in the rural community. We know that being at the mercy of the weather and the fluctuating dollar means risk management practices are of high importance. Our experience with preparing clients for government programs ensures farmers can maintain a steady source of income. Many farms - whether large scale or small, dairy, cattle or cash crop - have been in families for generations; guaranteeing that legacy continues and transferring the fruits of our clients’ labour to their family members is one of our main priorities. At Wilkinson, we understand that a farmer made the food we enjoyed today possible.

For more information on how Wilkinson can help you manage your agriculture business, please contact us at one of our three locations – Trenton, Belleville or Kingston.

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