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The manufacturing industry in Canada can often seem like one big roller-coaster – you can be riding high one day with a strong export and production sector, and the next, the rising Canadian dollar and fluctuating energy and commodity prices have you plummeting. No matter what you manufacture, the ups and downs are controlled by global economic and political events; a slowdown in the US or increased competition from economies like China will affect companies – and communities – large and small across Canada. Wilkinson understands that a healthy manufacturing industry is vital for a healthy Canadian economy. Our accounting expertise guides our clients through the challenges faced by Canadian manufacturers and keeps them up to date on new requirements in the industry. With Wilkinson by your side, the roller-coaster may still have its ups and downs, but you will be riding on an even keel toward success.

For more information on how Wilkinson can help you manage your manufacturing business, please contact us at one of our three locations – Trenton, Belleville or Kingston.

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