Leading public institutions towards sustainable and efficient operations

Municipalities, universities (colleges), schools and hospitals (MUSH), are in part, funded by the government and must adhere to special capitalization requirements. Depending on the terms of funding, these organizations are responsible for raising a large portion of the funding required to cover their operating costs. In rare instances where they experience a surplus, which needs to be returned and audited, the investment and accounting for these funds needs to be monitored and planned for in the best interest of the organization’s long term plan. Municipalities, universities (colleges), schools and hospitals must operate with diminishing public funds while the standards and service expectations of the public continue to rise. Wilkinson is aware of the special challenges these organizations face, including the public scrutiny around spending, and through our experienced counsel, we can guide municipalities, universities (colleges), schools and hospitals towards a sustainable, efficient, and accountable future.

For more information on how Wilkinson can help you manage your municipality, university (college), school or hospital, please contact us at one of our three locations – Trenton, Belleville or Kingston.

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