Why Work at Wilkinson?

“The firm you join does make a difference.”

Jeff Snider, Partner

Accounting is a highly competitive field, rules and regulations are constantly changing and tax laws continue to become more complex. Wilkinson offers in-house mentoring and support to help its staff stay current and encourages everyone to strive for excellence. We have some of the industry’s most respected tax and forensic accounting experts who ensure a dynamic working environment.

Wilkinson’s breadth of knowledge and expertise, its one-stop shopping services, access to resources and unparalleled reputation has made it the top firm in the area and bestowed Wilkinson accountants with an enviable and well-deserved reputation for client service. There are many ways to define a successful career: salary, position and professional fulfillment. Wilkinson & Company LLP offers all of these and one more: the personal satisfaction in knowing that their clients are better off having had a Wilkinson accountant help them achieve their goals.