Wayne Phillips CPA, CA

Wayne Phillips“I’ve been in this business for over 30 years and every client is different, they all have their own problems you need to cope with – but the way I see it, these problems are just solutions waiting to happen.”

Wayne Phillips became a partner at Wilkinson in 1979 and his decades of experience were an invaluable asset to the firm. He handled many changes throughout his years as an accountant and it was this flexibility that allowed him to guide his clients successfully through the various cycles of a business, whether it be initial remuneration planning, wealth accumulation or estate planning.

The one thing that never changed throughout Wayne’s time at Wilkinson was a growing business or a young entrepreneur’s need for wise counsel; his advice and expertise in areas like initial financing, mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations helped countless clients achieve their ultimate goals.

Now that he is retired, Wayne is looking forward to having more time to travel.

January 2013