Nursing & Retirement Homes

A growing industry for our ageing demographic

Nursing and Retirement Homes

Canada’s aging population is increasing at a rapid rate – a trend that will continue as the majority of baby boomers turn 65 over the next few years. As a result, there will be an increase in the demand for access to nursing and retirement homes, and a boom in the construction of new facilities to fulfil the population’s needs. Many of these organizations face the same challenges as the non-profit and MUSH sectors - issues such as accountability and transparency, operating cost controls, government regulations and fund accounting. At Wilkinson we understand the special requirements of this industry and the important role nursing and retirement homes play in the lives of those with elderly family members. We are also aware that the emotional and demanding nature of eldercare can be stressful for the owners of nursing and retirement homes, making a relationship with a trusted Wilkinson accountant and advisor especially important.

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