Forensic and Investigative Group

Wilkinson Forensic Accounting is a division of Wilkinson & Company that focuses on resolving complex financial matters.  There are many instances where forensic accounting expertise is required; the dissolution of a business partnership or a martial breakdown, criminal allegations, litigation, to quantify losses, determine assets and liabilities, or to act as a family mediator.

Wilkinson was a founding member of the Canadian Division of the National Association of Forensic Accountants in 1993 and is one of the premier forensic firms in Ontario. We provide individuals, lawyers and insurance claims adjusters with cost efficient and effective investigation and reporting, and credible expert testimony. We specialize in litigation support and analysis; business support and analysis; and family law support and analysis.

Wilkinson understands the sensitive nature of cases that require our forensic accounting services and we are dedicated to providing exceptional reporting, advice, testimony and mediation so that we may deliver fair and balanced solutions for our clients.