Retired, January 2012

“We take care of our clients – we nurture and respect the relationship we have built so that the client will stay with us. That’s where the real value is in this business – trust and respect and being a solution provider.”

Bob Robertson - a long-time Trentonian - started his career at Wilkinson as a staff accountant in 1974 before making partner in 1978. In addition to being a graduate of the prestigious Ivey School of Business at Western University, Bob has also completed the intense management training program, The Strategic Coach®, which focuses on attaining success in life beyond business. Talking about the program Bob says, “Setting goals, understanding my strengths and weaknesses and what I like to do made a significant impact on my life. I took a lot of these teachings and used them to help me communicate better with clients.” He now coaches staff members on these concepts as they foster their own client relationships.

For over three decades, Bob focused on managing a large client base where he took care of all accounting and tax needs, and helped with business and succession planning, as well as strategic thinking. A significant part of Bob’s recent caseload involved his work as an investigator with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario, Manitoba and Newfoundland. He worked on behalf of these three institutes as an expert witness in accounting to resolve commercial disputes or to investigate allegations of misconduct by chartered accountants or accountancy firms. Bob enjoyed great success as an investigator; he offered a fair representation of the facts in a way people can understand — an invaluable skill in a field that is becoming increasingly complex and competitive.

Bob’s extensive experience, in both client service and the investigative field, helped shape Wilkinson’s reputation as a firm that exceeds client expectations in all areas and demonstrates ethical leadership - not only in the accounting field - but also in the community. Bob, who worked nearly 40 years with the firm, sums up the Wilkinson philosophy, “We want to be – in fact and in our actions – the best professional organization in Eastern Ontario.”

January 2012

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