David Clare


David Clare

Trenton Office

(613) 392-2592
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“The availability to provide whatever guidance a client requires on a timely basis is essential to our job. We recognize our clients needs; we want our clients to succeed, just as we want to succeed.”

David Clare, a graduate of Queens University, started his career at Wilkinson in 1978 and attained his CMA in 1988. David’s extensive experience with supervising large engagements and his technical competence led him to the newly developed role of Assurance Manager in 2009.

As Wilkinson continues to grow, having a highly skilled Assurance Manager means clients are better able to access services on an on-going basis. David is responsible for optimizing quality and timely client service, leveraging skills of staff to ensure overall performance and managing office workloads. David meets with partners regularly, reviews files and communicates with clients - ensuring Wilkinson maintains and exceeds the highest standards of client service.