Bruce Thorne

President, Corporate Protection Group Inc.

"For the past fifteen years I have been working with your firm and thought this would be a good time to pass on some thoughts about the performance of your group as it pertains to both me and the dozens of referrals I have provided to your company. Our original intention was to connect with a company that provided us with accounting services for our businesses. While this was always achieved in a timely, professional and concise fashion, the real benefit came from the relationship, leadership and creativity your firm showed through numerous other situations.

Ours is a company that is extremely diverse. Grasping the various parts of our businesses and helping us with everything from mergers and acquisitions to corporate restructuring was a requirement for us to be successful. In all cases, you were able to bring the necessary expertise and timely advice that helped us benefit in so many ways. Of particular assistance was your strategic approach to both corporate growth strategies, along with the best possible tax and business structures that we could create to help us succeed in the future. Please accept my thanks on behalf of me and my team and my various partners in business for the good work you have always delivered to our group."